Hossein Tavallaei

Born: 21 - 5 - 1996
marital status: bachelor
Gender: Man
Website: hosseintavallaei.ir
Mobile number: 09372626337


Computer Engineering / Department of IT Information Technology / BA / Damavand University / 2014
Until 2017

شرکت مدیران خودرو شعبه 406/ طراح و ادمین سایت / آذر 1402 تا هم اکنون

شرکت اپسون فیکس / طراح و ادمین سایت / مهر 1402 تا آذر 1402 

goshidara store طراح و ادمین سایت / دی 1401 تا خرداد 1402( به صورت دورکاری) 

Sepas furniture store / Designer and SEO manager of the site / from 1400 to May 1401 

CNC Sanat Jahan Company / Designer and SEO site manager / May 1399 to 1401

Mehr Saman Company / Designer and SEO site manager / November 2018 to May 2019

yeknam store/Content production expert/ Ardibehesht 2018 to December 1398

Termo company (Dama Poya Internet Store) / content production expert /
Expert / August 1397 to March 1397

Mehr Argham Co / Computer networks and CCTV expert / Expert / September 1395 to October 1396

Datis company (Internet store of household goods) / supplier of goods -
Content production expert / May 1395 to September 1395

sang Yang agency / Sales expert / May 1394 to March 1394

Mastery of WordPress content management system 90%
کار با افزونه المنتور و جت انجین 70%
Introduction to SEO 70%
کار با افزونه Yoast Seo 70%
آشنایی به سرچ کنسول و گوگل انالتیکس 60%
getting to know with HTML and CSS 70%
Content management and production 90%
getting to know Mikrotik equipment 70%
getting to know Workgroup networks and its management Workgroup networks and its management 75%
Getting to know the Screaming Frog tool 70%
getting to know Photoshop software 70%
getting to know with Figma software 64%
getting to know to Adobe XD software 49%
getting to know balsamiq 59%

Has an international certificate of Mikrotik in 2017 from Asr Network

Has a degree in windows configuration in 2016 from mfx

Has +NETWORK degree in 2015 from mfx

He has a degree in making and implementing decorative stones in 1402 from Arman 


creativity and innovation


👇 My career anchor test answer 👇


The anchor of autonomy/independence

These people prefer to work in an environment where they can have their own rules, define their own standards and work independently from others. They want to be in control of what they do from start to finish. The best positions for people anchored in autonomy/independence are those where they are given tasks to complete on their own. The best jobs for them are consulting and project and contract work. This group of people have the necessary parameters to start a self-employed business because these businesses require individual independence.

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